Just “Face” It.

I was asked by a friend:

Why do guys like to cum (ejaculate) on womens faces?

Well to my lovely dismay it was an interesting question, because I’ve never done it and I never had the urge to do it. Honestly I didn’t know that this happened outside of porn, and that it’s a thing that some women & men want. I found it funny, because in my own dating experience it’s been hard trying to bargain with some of my ex’s over little things… I couldn’t even fathom asking them to catch my “seed” on their face, and now that I think abo- let’s not judge.

Alright let’s break this shit down, get it figured out, and I’ll give the best answer possible. So why is this a thing? Well it’s an act glorified through porn. If you watch a lot of porn, it could feed into the “three L’s,” of sexual desires, lust, love, and like. To further explain we may like a sexual act from a visual or experienced standpoint, we could also lust for a sexaul act to be done to us, or want to fulfill our desires with someone. Also the person considering either taking or giving, could see that performing this act is a labor of love (I know some labor, right?). Anyhow emotions + sexual desires = freaky shit, and if done  with the wrong person, those three L’s can turn into losses.

So is the labor REALLY worth it? That’s up to you! I mean porn is a billion dollar industry with a myriad of hours dedicated to the many genres and subgenres, which means it’s a lot of cum just free flowing (OMG). Yet it’s not about the money, because it’s about finding that one man or woman that you can do nasty shit with on a regular basis. IF you find that person who’s down for all the nasty shit, you better “shoot your shot!” But whether it’s your thing or not, please practice safe sex. Also make sure y’all both clean (outside and inside). Eat food. Sleep. Have nasty sex. Love.


[insert deep ass quote]

“peace to the planet, and live awesome!”