Netflix: Dear White People

If you haven’t read my article “Netflix & Binge,” I showcased some shows that were worthy of binge watch title, and I hoped to drop another gem. Like a rare bird that only shows itself once a year, as can only hope to see it…. this is that show. Majestic as f**k.

Dear White People is an original Netflix series, based on the Movie and Book of the same name. Writer/Director Justin Simien brings you an interwoven story that focuses on the racial perspective of 6 student at the prestigious “Whinchester University,” as they battle topics of race, self identity, colorisum, and more.

Someone once told me that Winchester was like jazz. Now I don’t know much about jazz, but from what I can tell, when your solo is up, you better blow.”

-Lionel Higgins

If you’ve never seen the film (seriously go see the film), but fear not because the show uses the film plot too kick things off, all while seemingly expanding on it. It’s “A Different World” for a new generation, and I couldn’t be more happier with it’s 10 episodes run.

From the Black Student Union’s fredom fighter Sam (Logan Browning) and her friends Joelle & Rggie (Ashley Blaine & Marque Richardson), to the power of the legacy kid Troy (Brandon Bell) and his Uncle Tom-esque group, It’s a groundbreaking series that covers these socially volatile issues in a way thats not “beating a dead horse,” as its easy to get swept up in the students of Armstrong Parker Hall.

Boasting a beautiful soundtrack, and brimming with beautifully set camera shots, it’s a controversial comedy that challenges you to think. It won’t hold your hand or spoon feed you, and will gladly rate you as “woke” or nah.

Dear White People deserve to be binged watched, and it’s wickedly easy to slip into the series and see it’s joys. If you have to question if this show is for you, it’s not… it’s for us. Its proud to say the word “nigga,” and give no f***ks too the European standards of beauty or societies pressures on being black.

“Peace to the planet, and live awsome.”



Netflix & Binge

“Netflix and Chill,”  is not just that common bating phrase used to get your date to come back to your place anymore. With an ever growing catalog of television series the streaming giant, has been churning out TV shows that’s good enough to keep you glued to the screen and begging for more. Beware of these amazing stunning shows that’s sure to consume your time in Pac-man-esque type fashion, here’s my personal list of the most binge-worthy shows on netflix.

Stranger Things

28f0cf25-3a9d-4c51-9d87-612f9bfce14fThis thrilling Netflix-original drama stars award-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives in a small Indiana town in 1983 — inspired by a time when tales of science fiction captivated audiences. When Joyce’s 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing, she launches a terrifying investigation into his disappearance with local authorities. As they search for answers, they unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries involving secret government experiments, unnerving supernatural forces, and a very unusual little girl.

Black Mirror

Netflix-found-an-eerie-way-to-target-people-who-use-ad-blockers.-The-Next-WebFeaturing stand-alone dramas — sharp, suspenseful, satirical tales that explore techno-paranoia — “Black Mirror” is a contemporary reworking of “The Twilight Zone” with stories that tap into the collective unease about the modern world. Each story features its own cast of unique characters, including stars like Bryce Dallas Howard (“The Help”), Alice Eve, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Cullen and Jerome Flynn (“Game of Thrones”). Joe Wright, Dan Trachtenberg, and James Watkins are among the featured directors.

Chewing Gum

Over the pond this a hidden gem focus on Tracey, the virginal girl that’s raised in the strictly religious Tower Hamlet Flats. Wanted to see more and realize her85f86677a79fe2f57b122aacd2c800755d5da00a potential, she starts to ready herself as she dives into her first steps towards having sex. Created by and starring Michaela Cole, the cleverly written dialog and awkwardly charming makes for a smooth transition of stepping into the shoes of Tracey.  This coming of age comedy about “doing the deed,” is something that we can relate to and as it keeps us glued to the couch we can’t help but to root for Tracey as she takes on finding confidence within a sexually charged society.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Rescued after 15 years in a cult, Kimmy Schmidt decides to reclaim her life by venturing to New York, where she experiences everyday life with wide-eyed enthusiasm. On a whim, she rents a room from Titus, a gay wannabe Broadway actor, who makes ends meet as a street performer in Times Square. The unlikely pair find they’re well-suited to help each other out, with Titus reintroducing Kimmy to modern life, and her providing him with the inspiration that you should never give up. 

House Of Cards


Bolstering four seasons, the show focuses on U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood of South Carolina starts out as a ruthless politician seeking revenge in this Netflix original production. Based on the U.K. miniseries of the same name, the U.S. version offers a look behind the scenes at the greed and corruption in American politics. A number of real-life media figures make cameo appearances and fourth wall breaks from the amazingly talented Kevin Spacey. Grity. Calculated. Its makes take a second look at what it takes to be apart of our government.

Luke Cage


This gritty, action-packed drama follows the evolution of Luke Cage, a man with super strength and unbreakable skin caused by a sabotaged experiment. Along the way, Cage cannot avoid confronting his past, which he has worked hard to bury. “Marvel’s Luke Cage” is the third show in the Netflix-original Defenders series, which features outstanding performance from Mike Colter, all set to a beautifully scored array of modern and classic hip-hop.  

Masters of None


Comic Aziz Ansari and writer Alan Yang are the creators of this Netflix-original comedy, which is loosely based on Ansari’s real-life experiences. Ansari plays the role of Dev, a New York-based actor who is struggling to identify what he really wants, both personally and professionally. The series reveals glimpses of Dev’s younger years, and explores current aspects of his life, including modern etiquette (regarding texting and social media), and being young and single in the city. With perfect comedic execution and a well written pace, this show takes relatability to a whole new level… Showing us that love period, can make us feel a naive.

I wanted to show some of my favorite picks from my adventures on Netflix, and as I continue this wave… I hope to have more to share with you, live awesome and peace to the planet.