A Letter from me to you

WP_20140325_001Hello, Readers

I was always told that there’s a difference between skill and accolades. As a graduate of The American School of Broadcasting and the many internships hours worked, I wanted to have the skill set to be the best in whatever position I strive for. From the creativity taught at 102.7 The Blaze FM to learning the best organizational techniques at KETK, I have dedicated my time and efforts to learning this industry.

(now that thats over)

As you can see I have industry experience, but I always wanted to do something that was more me and pushed me creatively. I wanted to create a blog that not only showed my love for media, but also grounded me to a would I felt disconnected from. Within all my travels of visiting different places and experiencing different cultures, I’ve noticed we have these unified strings of invisibility that connects us through these weird social rules. Because of these things, I wanted to dig out these mysteries and learn process of how they affect us as people. So follow me through the absurdities of life, as we observe the rainbow peaks of happiness, and delve into the depths of our nasty desires.


[Insert deep ass quote]

Best regards,

Kelby A. McIntosh