I’ve Been Lying


I’ve been lying. I thought that I could keep this blog about all these nerdy things going, just to be like all the various other nerd blogs. Though nerdy shit interests me a lot, I’ve realized that it doesn’t make me an honest writer. I want this as an outlet for my brutally honest answers to all these questions that keeps me awake at night, and I want you (the reader) to feel we’re on this journey together. So where  do we go from here?

Admitting to YOU that I’ve been lying.

I want you to understand it’s going to get dark (not all the time), but it will get dark. I have questions, and will ask questions that we’ll tackle together (or read about me tackling). These ways that might not be suitable for all, and I might even make some enemies (which I don’t give a fuck). Because my goal is to deliver deep experiences of personal perspectives and narratives that we’ve had at times, and I’m going to have to get graphic in order for you to feel my stories. I want to mention that this is new territory, and I won’t just be saying things to say them…. but where “fuck” is needed, I will say “fuck“.  As growth and discovery happens for myself, I want more about black culture, the rules of gender, and these invisible boxes that makes up our society. I’m not “reinventing the wheel,” but I do want to understand why the wheel is a wheel, why it rolls, and why we need it to roll.

Besides my rambling about about the “wheel” and “lying,” I am gonna get shit crackin on these posts a lot more! I’ve had some interestingly weird ass question asked, and plus some horribly great stories. Beside that I might occasionally write about some shit that shows “professionalism,” or just write shit in a professional manner….meh.


[Insert deep ass quote]


“peace to the planet, and live awesome.”



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